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Apple Harvesting

What a crazy week this has been! Paul and I took Cassie for lots of apple picking at a nearby orchard that had an over abundance of apples they were more than willing to share! It was a lot of effort, but very rewarding.

2023 California Blizzard

    Things have been pretty busy for us lately. This storm that came in snowed in many people and left plenty of others stranded. I have to say that I am very impressed by how our community came together. Neighbors helping each other and checking up on each other, churches organizing snow shoveling, and food giveaways, friends offering to help shovel out their friends and others in need. It has been truly motivating and inspiring when I see how much people really care about each other. It was one of those; “restored my faith in humanity’ moments. 

Accelerate Post Workout Recovery

      Today, we are going to talk about how to accelerate the recovery process from your workout so that you can enjoy your time more without worry over your sore muscles. While it is true that sore muscles after a workout is sooo satisfying, you’re still sore, and you don’t really want to stay that way. So, we’re going to go into ways to accelerate the recovery process. Are you ready? Here we go! 

Easter Week Business

    Hello everybody! What a busy week this has been! Aside from prepping for Easter fun, my family has been busy with all kinds of things. My husband has been working on fixing up his truck, running around filling out paperwork for immigration, snow removal, giving quotes to clients, hauling and of course enjoying playing with our adorable girl! There have been lots of events going on in this week alone as well. 

Beat The Heat

       This has been a crazy hot summer, and I know I’m not the only one trying to find ways to cool off. So, today I will share with you natural tips that won’t harm your body, that will help with cooling yourself off, and make you look hot. ;) 

Budgeting Made Easy

When most people hear the word: budget, they get a little squirmy inside, because budgeting is awful. It’s grueling, it’s tiresome, it’s so strct, and it basically means no fun allowed. It’s worse than a strict diet that cuts out all of your favorite treats.

Day Trading Scam Adventure!

I’ve been researching the stock market for awhile now to learn more about it. I’ve been investing in stock long term since I was eighteen. Mainly Apple Stock. But I’ve started branching out a bit. I thought about looking into day trading and began researching it.